Farm Photo Workshop 2015

sara-8 I’m very excited to announce that Paige Green and I will be hosting a food photography workshop at her Petaluma family farm taught by the incredibly talented photographer Sara Remington. Working alongside Sara is Karen Shinto, one of San Francisco’s top food stylists. During this one day natural light workshop, participants will learn valuable skills through demonstration and hands-on exercises. Everyone will have the opportunity to make new images, receive a critique, and the best part of all will be sharing a delicious organic and locally sourced meal at the end of the day. To learn more about the workshop go to Please check out Sara’s work here sararemmington


Food Makes me Happy

Thankfully, Pasta Pomodoro keeps inviting me back to make more images from their menu. This time around, my husband made me two tabletops from recycled wood to lug around on my food shoots. Working with Pasta Pomodoro’s executive chef, David Bolosan, could not be easier. He makes me fresh beautiful plates of food and lets me do my thing. These images were made in the Novato restaurant using natural light. I shot digital and film. Of course, the film images are the best.

Pasta Pomodoro

My new friend and I, Pasta Pomodoro, are working on all kinds of images together. This winter I shot the staff and more recently I made these food images for their web site. The images were taken in the Novato restaurant using natural light. I did my best to eat well before the shoot, but needless to say I was famished by the end of the afternoon and practically dove into the salmon and beans after we finished shooting. It was quite good. There are 22 Bay Area Pasta Pomodoro restaurants. The food is yummy and affordable.