Mother and Child in the River

When I first arrived in Nevada City in early July, the Yuba river was too swift to safely swim.  All that rain and snow we had last winter just had to keep melting. I was desperate to swim. About 30 minutes away near North San Juan I found a fork that was perfectly swimmable, and I went there a lot. All kinds of people go to the river cuz it’s just so darn hot here and the river is amazing. Certain areas are dedicated to the naked stoned hippies while other parts of the river are reserved for the tweeky beer drinking tattooed people with their pit bulls. Two very different cultures, both worth documenting. While on the river I met a sweet young mother and her baby who were happy to model for me. The young lady had grown up in the area and had been coming to the river her whole life. She was very happy to be raising her daughter in the same home where she grew up.




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