Baden Whitehead

Anybody notice a cowboy wandering around Petaluma on horseback? Several people have asked me lately if I have seen the dude riding around town. Apparently he rode across the whole country on horseback, from Florida to California. Then a friend of mine told me I had to make a portrait of him and she introduced us. Baden Whitehead is a cowboy and a chef. His business card reads Chef, Wrangler, Ranch Hand and Adventurer. Not only that but he is fully connected to the modern world via e-mail and his regular blog postings. My attempt to make a serious portrait of him was sprinkled with his outbursts of laughter. Baden is so funny he can make the chickens laugh. He is on his way to Mendocino next to teach the Boy Scouts about horses, but I am happy to say he will be back. He likes Petaluma. To learn more about Baden check out his blog,


3 thoughts on “Baden Whitehead

  1. Wow. I just finished Man Who Fell In Love With the Moon and this just fits right in there, doesn’t it! Love love love it! Just makes me want to wrap my stuff up in a bandana and jump on a train with a Cormac McCarthy, some canned beans, and a dog. You can’t buy character like that.

  2. Fabulous photos! Interesting dude. I will definately be following his blog. The night I met my husband, Ken, he was wearing long red underwear just like in one of the photos. Yup, long red underwear and high top running shoes.

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