Symmetry vs. Chaos

I think it’s true. We all want and need symmetry in our lives. I have been thinking a lot about symmetry within photography, and having more awareness of it while shooting. This week I shot in an apple orchard in Sebastopol. There are no apples now, only rows and rows of trees. The rows of trees are quite soothing. My favorite image was perfectly symmetrical. I tried many opposing angles to break up the symmetry. I tried to get away from my desire for order, but it was useless, and I gave in to the order of the orchard. Symmetry brought me peace of mind. I realize that I have made this photograph before, many times. As satisfying as it is to make these sorts of images, it is just as satisfying to document chaos and the disorder that lies within chaos. A perfectly well ordered life needs chaos, and a chaotic life needs symmetry to achieve balance.


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