Local Petaluma Wedding, yum!

Maureen and David’s wedding embodies what I love about Petaluma. Delicious fresh local food and flowers eaten outdoors in a garden under an Oak tree with wild children and ornate dogs careening by! Maureen, cheesemaker of the famous Cowgirl Creamery, and David, Napa Valley chef, were married in the backyard of the Della Fattoria Ranch. Yes, the best bread around ranch. Elisa Weber put it all together, not only the food but the sweet flower arrangements. Needless to say the food was so good I had to ditch the camera a few times actually eat- which I never do at weddings, it’s so unprofessional.

One great thing about being a child born before the wedding is that you get to be in the wedding- which daughter Eleanore expertly demontrates. Our daughter is so mad at us because she didn’t get to go to our wedding!  Unfortunately I had to leave before Stacy Lauer’s coconut cake was served but I know that it was delicious. David’s boutanniere- gosh i can never spell that right- one of the most beautiful boutannieres I have ever seen, was made by Trillium in Petaluma.

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